Car Mechanics on Air Power

“As well as being what we humans need to breathe, air is an enormous asset to us in our struggles with motor cars — and, come to that, machinery of all kinds. It has many advantages over other forms — it’s far more versatile than electricity, safer (you can’t drag a power cable through water) and a rotating air-powered tool delivers its maximum fore at stall speed. Air tools are also far better able to withstand workshop knocks, bangs and other abuse than any other type of power – stalling an electric drill constantly will wreck it, whereas an air drill will be totally undamaged.Best of all, air is now very, very affordable. You can buy a compressor that’ll cope with most DIY workshop duties for under £300, and if you spend double that you’ll probably get something with similar output to the compressor in many small commercial workshops! Tools, too, are affordable – no dearer than their electric counterparts. This book is compiled mainly from an in-depth series on air power published in Car Mechanics magazine during 2002 and 2003. The series covers all aspects and was extremely well put together by James Stanbury – whose clear explanations make even the most complicated aspects of the subject easy to understand. We’ve also included a number of product tests to help you choose which compressor and tools to buy to suit your needs, plus a couple of earlier articles covering detailed aspects. Whether you are a DIY beginner looking to install a basic setup to help you with servicing and routine repairs, or someone more experienced looking to do more, you’ll find all that you need to know, and much more, within this book. And if you do want to explore the subject even more, Car Mechanics magazine regularly carries in-depth product tests and other essential information on air power.”

Testing 0-15cfm Compressors, Testing 15-44cfm Compressors, Installing your Compressor, Maintaining, Servicing and Repairing your Compressor, Crucial Accessories, Tools Available, Air Ratchets Test, D A Sanders Test, 10mm chuck Air Drills Test, Multipurpose Air Kits Test, EPA Compliant Spray Guns Test, Conventional Suction Cup Spray Guns Test, Gravity Feed Spray Guns Test, High Speed Body Saws Test, Air Nibblers Test, Air Hammer Sets Test

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ISBN: 1873098715
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 72

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