Automobile Year 2005/6 (NO 53)

  • Under the guidance of new publisher Christian Philippsen, a well-known automobile enthusiast, the fifty-third edition of Automobile Year, released in early December, will continue the format and high standards that the annual has established over half a century
  • As usual, the 2005/6 edition includes reports on all the world’s major motor sports championships and expert analysis of activity in the world’s important automobile manufacturing areas. There’s a rundown of new cars introduced during the year and informed comment on the exciting stars of the international motor shows – the concept cars that foreshadow what designers are planning for the cars of tomorrow.
  • A new section will be dedicated to the historic scene, including reports on events, auctions and celebrations.
  • Printed almost entirely in colour, Automobile Year is renowned for the quality of its illustrations. Top photographers record the excitement of Formula 1, World Rallies, Le Mans and other endurance races and major championships from Europe and the USA. The same high quality photographs also capture the beauty of the latest limousines and sports cars, as well as of the most spectacular ‘Best of Show’ concours winners.
  • • In-depth coverage of everything that mattered in the world of cars during the year.
  • • Three sections: Industry and markets (new models, focus on design and technology, economy), Sport (FIA championships) and Collection & Recollections (events, auctions, history)
  • • Features written by the best international signatures, including Ian Norris (Editor-in-Chief), Jacques Farenc & Thomas Imhof (European Industry), Paul Eisenstein (American Industry), Peter Nunn (Asian Industry), Robert Cumberford (Design) & Lorenzo Ramaciotti (Concept Cars), Jean-Pierre Gosselin (Technical Matters), Mario Luini, David Tremayne & Helmut Zwickl (F1 Racing), Andrew and Michael Cotton & Marc Teissèdre (Endurance Racing).
  • André Marzoli, Keith Oswin & Andrea Voigt-Neumeyer (Rallies), Rick Miller (American Racing), Alain Piccard (results tables and lap charts), Paul Frère (History), Winston Goodfellow (Concours d’Elegance), Richard Hudson-Evans (Auction Sales)
  • • Selected advertising (up to 20 pages)

Additional Information

ISBN: 2916206019
Author: Ian Norris
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 272

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