Mustang Restoration Tips & Techniques


Hot Rod magazine has an enviable reputation for publishing clear, informative, technical articles covering upkeep, repair and restoration. Readers’ needs have been fulfilled with a series of stories that help with maintenance and improvements. There are easy-to-follow picture sequences and comprehensive instructions. Among the general repair articles are ones on bodywork modifications, stereo installation, suspension, springs, handling, increasing horsepower and parts. 164 pages, 500 illus. SB.

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ISBN: 0948207973
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 164


A collection of 41 articles from motoring publications starting with the resurrection of the Rambler name in 1956 through to the 1970 model. The story follows the introduction and development of the Six, Rebel, American, Ambassador, Classic, Marlin, Hurst SC/Rambler and Rogue. It then continues with the re-named Rambler/AMC cars – Marlin, Ambassador and Rebel series. 136 pages. 250 black & white illustrations. SB. SKU: A-AMCRX2 ISBN: 185520 6609

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ISBN: 1855206609
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 136
Country of origin: UNITED KINGDOM
Year of publication: 2004

Lincoln Continental Performance Portfolio 1961-1969

To revive an ailing company the restyled 1961 Continental was a massive success. The styling was so liked that it remained basically unchanged until the new range was introduced in the 1970s. Initially available as a thin-pillar four-door sedan or convertible it also came as a two-door hardtop in 1966, early models had a 430ci V8 which was upgraded 462ci in 1966. The body was very rigid with top quality protection against rust. These factors were reflected in strong sales. This is a book of contemporary road tests, technical and specification data, new model intros, drivers reports, history, long term tests. 140 pages, 300 illus. Soft Bound

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ISBN: 1855205114
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 140

American Trucks of the 1950s

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This highly visual study covers the US and Canadian truck manufacturers that built trucks in North America in the 1950s. Following World War II, North American truck manufacturers responded to the prosperity of the 1950s with fresh designs and features. These rugged, reliable trucks were capable of transcontinental commutes of goods on a regular basis, or performing delivery and construction tasks in and around cities.

This concise volume covers not only the histories of the major and lesser known truck manufactures, but also the obscure, yet historically significant manufacturers such as Available, Biederman, Brown, Corbitt, Leyland Canada and others. Comprehensive captions and supportive text combine with contemporary brochures, period literature, road test info of the day, factory photographs and over fifty colour photos of restored American trucks, to relate the importance of these historic vehicles. Detailed shots of the engines and features focus on what it was that set certain manufacturers apart in this highly competitive market.

This succinct, factual book on American trucking provides a nostalgic look at a significant era in North American history.

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ISBN: 9781845842277
Author: Mort, Norm
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Veloce Publishing PLC
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year of publication: 26/10/2009

Renault Ergos Loader + Rear Cutter

The Universal Hobbies 1/32 Agricultural range are great models which recreate all the details of the Worlds most famous farming machines. Ideal as a gift or as an addition to any model collection.

1948 Chrysler New Yorker Cabriolet

Signature Models has taken meticulous care in creating Charlestown Collectables – 1:18 Scale.

Features include: Opening doors, hood, trunk, wire wheels, detailed interior, realistic looking fabric top, working steering wheel and steerable front wheels.

The 4-Cylinder Engine Short Block High-Performance Manual

• Learn the secrets of the experts!
• Applies to all 4-cylinder car engines (except diesel & two-stroke).
• Essential reading for millions of car owners looking for more power.
• Expert advice in non-technical English accompanied by clear photos & line illustrations.
• Saves money by eliminating techniques that don’t work and by maximising the use of modified standard components where possible.
• Written by a professional competition engine builder.

How to blueprint any 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine’s short block for maximum performance and reliability. Covers choosing components, crank and rod bearings, pistons, camshafts and much more.

A complete practical guide on how to blueprint (optimize all aspects of specification) any 4-cylinder, four-stroke engine’s short block to obtain maximum performance and reliability without wasting money on over-specced parts. Includes choosing components, crankshaft & conrod bearings, cylinder block, connecting rods, pistons, piston to valve clearances, camshaft, engine balancing, timing gear, lubrication system, professional check-build procedures and much more.

195 colour pictures

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ISBN: 9781845844141
Author: Hammill, Des
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 112
Black and White/Colour Colour
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year of publication: 2011
Edition: Rev ed

Jaguar XK8/XKR

Jaguar Monthly on Jaguar XK8/XKR

An authoritative look at this modern Jaguar icon. With a wide range of articles formerly printed in Jaguar Monthly, the book highlights what it’s like to drive and own one of these fabulous cars and includes an insight to key models, including a review of the line-up since its launch in 1996. Coupled with some illuminating road tests, this book makes essential reading for any XK8 owner or enthusiast.

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ISBN: 1873098634
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 112
Publisher: Kelsey Publications

Musclecar & Hi Po Chrysler 273-318-340-360

’Hot Rod’ reports on the Plymouth & Dodge musclecar small block V-8. Covering 273 power models, building muscle, tuning, spec’s., high performance parts, project Duster, 450hp build-up, Black’s Mopar. 100 pages, 200 illustrations Soft Bound.

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ISBN: 185520102X
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 100