Cliff Allison – From the Fells to Ferrari

This book is the biography of Cliff Allison who started motor racing over fifty years ago with a little Cooper 500. Very much a countryman at heart Allison was not one of the party-going racing drivers but a driver with a huge ambition to race in Formula 1. He and Graham Hill competed in the first grand prix race for Colin Chapman’s Lotus team in 1958 and scored the first world championship points for Lotus. He later joined Ferrari and won the Argentine 1000kms sports car race with American co-driver Phil Hill as well as being a member of the Ferrari grand prix team in 1959 and 1960. Cliff Allison can also claim victories in many sports car events including winning the Index of Performance at Le Mans in 1957 with a 750cc Lotus Eleven-Climax.
His racing career came to an end following an accident in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in 1961 driving a UDT-Laystall Cooper-Climax.

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ISBN: 9781845841508
Author: Graham Gauld
Pages: 144

BRM – a mechanic’s tale

Probably for the first time, criticism is leveled at both Louis Stanley, and the introduction of the H16 engine as contributory factors to the failure of British Racing Motors. Louis Stanley for his freeloading extravagance, and the rather foolish decision by the management to specify such a complicated and bulky power unit.
This is the story as told by a man who was both a devoted fan and a loyal team member of British Racing Motors. Who saw and was involved in the repeated failures and humiliating times of the 1950’s, through the gradual progress of winning minor races to Jo Bonnier winning the first World Championship Grand Prix in Holland in 1959. Culminating in the ultimate honour in 1962, when, in East London, South Africa, Graham Hill drove the BRM to victory to win both the drivers World Championship and the Constructors Championship for the BRM team. Thereby making a considerable contribution to British motor racing history.

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ISBN: 9781845840822
Author: Dick Salmon
Pages: 224
Black and White/Colour Black and white, Colour

Bluebird CN7

– The story of the Bluebird CN7 told by a member of the original design team
– The name “Bluebird” is synonymous with world speed record breaking
– CN7 is the fastest of the Bluebirds and the most sophisticated design ever produced for a wheel-driven record breaker
– CN7 used technology and materials developed for the aircraft industry
– The personalities involved
– Previously unpublished photographs, drawings and speed graphs
– CN7 is now resident in the National Motor Museum, BeaulieuDescription
The development, construction and operation of the last wheel-driven land speed record-breaking car that the UK produced, and how the tragic demise of Donald Campbell precluded it from reaching its full potential. It is also the personal story of one of the design team, how he became involved, and his incredible experiences in doing so. With many previously unpublished photographs, drawings,
and illustrations, this is a unique account of a legendary feat of British engineering.Synopsis
Since the early 1920s the name Bluebird has been synonymous with world speed record breaking on land and water. Driven first by Sir Malcolm Campbell, then his son Donald, and latterly by Donald’s nephew Donald Wales in electric powered vehicles, they have consistently pushed records ever higher.
This book is the story of the design and construction of the fastest of the Bluebirds, the Campbell-Norris 7 (CN7). This car, now resident in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in England, is the most sophisticated design ever produced for a wheel-driven record breaker. Using methods and materials developed for the aircraft industry, the CN7, given suitable running conditions, was capable in 1960 of a speed exceeding that produced by the present wheel-driven record holder 19 years later.
The author was first employed by the designers Norris Brothers Ltd as a design draughtsman on the Bluebird K7 hydroplane. After completing his National Service in the RAF, he rejoined the company to work with the two chief designers developing the specification for CN7, and he later became project co-ordinator for its construction.

142 pictures & line drawings in colour & mono

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ISBN: 9781845842802
Author: Donald Stevens
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 160
Black and White/Colour Black and white, Colour
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Bill Lomas World Champion Road Racer

This is Bill’s own story covering the Golden Years of road racing, taking in the Continental Grand Prix, the TT and a winter season in Australia. By the time he retired in 1958, Bill had two World Championships and two TT wins to his name, as well as numerous Grand Prix victories. This book tells it the way it was, what happened behind the scenes at the various factories and races, the highs and the lows of racing as part of the glamorous Continental Circus, and the camaraderie that existed between many of the riders. Hard bound. Size 280mm x 210mm. 304 pages.

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ISBN: 095313119X
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 304
Country of origin: UNITED KINGDOM
Year of publication: 2002


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Ballington Unkorked is the story of a South African boy who fell in love with motorcycle racing after watching international stars at his home town circuit. His pure passion drove him onwards and upwards as he began living out his dream. A chance trip to Europe to take part in the big time triggered a phase where, against the odds, guts and perseverance took him to the very pinnacle of success, World Champion Road Racer. Kork’s story gives you an insight into the complexities of the sport technically, physically and mentally and highlights the extreme danger faced by riders of the era when classic high speed circuits were still in use in Europe and rider safety was low priority at most International and Grand Prix venues.

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ISBN: 0954435753
Author: BOLLINGTON, KORK[More by this author]
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 288
Publisher: REDLINE BOOKS [More by this publisher]
Country of origin: UNITED KINGDOM
Year of publication: 2007

All Arms and Elbows

This third edition of “All Arms and Elbows” some may think is an attempt to ring out a nearly dry rag, we believe this is not the case. This edition has been produced in a totally new layout, and includes information and photographs never before published. Jean Ireland, whose co-operation in this project, and who owns the ‘rights’ to Innes’s books has been most helpful in putting this document together, would like to share images and information with those who may be interested. Being the architype Scotsman, Innes found his way into motorsport by sheer guts and determination. His interest came at a time when two of Britains famous racing drivers died, one on the track at Nurburgring, Germany (Peter Collins) and the other ((Mike Hawthorn), World Champion on the Guildford bypass, Surrey, England.

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ISBN: 9781903088258
Author: Ireland, Innes
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 204
Black and White/Colour Black and white, Colour
Publisher: Mercian Manuals Ltd

‘Hawkeye’ – The Rapid and Outrageous Life of the Australian Racing Driver Paul Hawkins

Biography of the most colourful racing driver to emerge from Australia onto the international scene to become a works driver for Ford, Ferrari and Porsche all in the same season

• Biography of the most colourful racing driver to emerge from Australia onto the international scene to become a works driver for Ford, Ferrari and Porsche all in the same season.
• Australia has produced some outstanding racing drivers who have performed with great distinction on the world stage. But none has hit the headlines quite like Paul Hawkins, whose exploits on the race track were matched by his prowess for causing social mayhem out of the car and his often outrageous use of the English language, liberally seasoned with the Great Australian Adjective.
• Hawkeye had an all-too-short yet highly successful driving career, his talent and versatility taking him from club racing in production cars through briefly into Formula One, but his exceptional speed and stamina brought him his greatest rewards in endurance and sports car racing, earning him factory drives with Ford, Ferrari and Porsche as well as international fame in his own or shared cars, before his career was cruelly brought to an end in a fiery accident at Oulton Park in 1969.
• That day, motor racing lost one of its most colourful and popular drivers, to whom author Ivan McLeod, a fellow Australian until recently domiciled in the UK, now provides a belated tribute. He recalls, through the memories of family and friends and many drivers and entrants who competed around the world either alongside or against him, the highlights of ‘Hawkeye’s’ racing career and the many off-track escapades of an unquenchable spirit and fun-loving character.

• Hard back
• 40 b/w illustrations
• 176 pages
• 234 x 156mm
• Full colour cover

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ISBN: 1899870679
Author: Ivan McLeod
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 176
Black and White/Colour Black and white
Publisher: Motor Racing Publications Ltd
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year of publication: 05/09/2003

‘Mr Big Healey ‘ – The Official Biography of John Chatham


• Not recommended for health and safety pedants!
• The epitome of the club racer
• Foreword by Simon Taylor
• An open, honest and sometimes self-deprecating account of the life of ‘Mr Big Healey’
• Views from friends and racing rivals
• The author’s own experiences of Chatham in the 1970s
• Politically incorrect, every rebel or would-be rebel will love it!
• More than just cars, tales of family, friends, wives and lovers
• Many previously unpublished photos
• A must for anyone who loves Big Healeys and MGCs
• An entertaining read for everyone with an independent streakDescription
The authorised biography of one of the best-liked ‘bad boys’ in British motorsport, John Chatham – driver, racer, repairer, rebuilder, tuner, trader and lover of Austin-Healeys.
With 150 photographs, many previously unpublished, this is an important and entertaining account of one of motorsport’s biggest characters.

This is the authorised biography of one of the best-liked bad boys in British motorsport. John Chatham, driver, racer, repairer, rebuilder, tuner, trader and lover of Austin-Healeys, was in the words of Geoffrey Healey “uncontrollable” in his youth, and has only mildly mellowed with age. Burly and genial but formidably competitive, and not above bending the rules when he thought he could get away with it, to many he is the archetypal club racer. John is so synonymous with Austin-Healeys that the most famous racing Healey in the world, DD300, is so well-known mainly because John campaigned it for decades, notching up tens of thousands of racing miles. But his career embraces far more than one car, and until this biography no-one had attempted to fill in the gaps.

The book is not a dry description of one club race after another. It does include a list of John’s principal sporting achievements, but no complete record exists of the hundreds of events which made up his competitive career, so the writer has not attempted to compile one. Instead Norman Burr, who was himself acquainted with John in his youth, has created a more rounded and personal account, full of motoring and sporting anecdotes, but also telling the story of John’s family, his work, his business, his three wives and his lovers. John has a comprehensive photo library from which the book is generously illustrated, with cartoons added to illustrate some of the moments that a camera was not around to record. Thoroughly politically incorrect even by the standards of the 1960s, it’s an account which will strike a chord not only with admirers of Big Healeys, but also with anyone who believes that independent thinking, and the courage to apply and enjoy it, is the greatest virtue of all.

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ISBN: 9781845842574
Author: Burr, Norman
Hardback/Softback: Hardback
Pages: 160
Black and White/Colour Black and white, Colour
Publisher: Veloce Publishing PLC
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year of publication: 2010

A French Kiss With Death – Steve McQueen

In text and photographs A French Kiss with Death – Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans: The Man, The Race, The Cars, The Movie, examines the life of actor, Steve McQueen, the films in which he appeared and his love affair with the many cars and motorcycles he owned during his lifetime. The book details the history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the backgrounds of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lola, Matra and Porsche leading up to the 1970 Manufacturers Championship Series. You’re there when Steve hones his driving skills in his Porsche 908 at Willow Springs, Phoenix and Riverside; and at the 1970 Daytona 24 Hours, 12 Hours of Sebring, and 24 Hours of Le Mans, on which the film Le Mans was based. A major portion of the book gives a detailed behind-the-scenes account of the making of Le Mans – from start to finish – with insightful and entertaining stories from some of the key players involved in the making of the film, both from behind the cameras and behind the wheels of the more than 25 cars used during the production: Alfa Romeos, Corvettes, Chevrons, Ferraris, Porsches, Lolas, & Matras. The book is 464 pages in length with over 800 photographs – many taken during the production. The author of A FRENCH KISS WITH DEATH is American driver Michael Keyser with additional help from English driver Jonathan Williams, co-driver of the Porsche 908 Solar Productions camera car that raced in the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans, and an actor and stunt driver on the film. Over the past four years the authors have conducted dozens of interviews and collected hundreds of photographs to produce the definitive book on the making of Le Mans.

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ISBN: 9780837615523
Hardback/Softback: Softback
Pages: 464
Publisher: BENTLEY
Country of origin: US


Hazard perception is a vital skill you need to ensure you stay safe on the roads. A key part of driving tests, this DVD using the official DSA video clips helps learner motorists increase their awareness of potential hazards, test their recognition and response to hazards in real time and prepares them for their theory and practical tests.